Working with us, you’ll gain a reinvigorated brand, more efficient and sustainable business practices, and increased profitable growth.

As global brand advisors, we help companies develop strategies to jump-start stalled growth and align their branding with the ever-evolving market trends. We’ve worked for over 20 years with many fashion brands, representing a wide array of product categories, so we know how the industry operates and how to help you structure your business for optimal results today, and position it for the future. 

applying data-backed, innovative plans to advance your brand.

accelerating global brand development with creative growth strategies.

Sometimes you need a new perspective to see areas for growth. We’ll get a deep understanding of your brand and your goals, and help you connect the dots to quickly identify high-impact opportunities. You’ll get measurable results with our immediate, near-term, and long-term strategies.

Improved Performance

We’ll modernize your company and your brand, while still serving your core customers, by improving processes and ensuring sustainability throughout the entire product journey—from end to end—until it reaches the consumer. 

Better Products

We’ll help you define your values and remember your “why” so you’re attracting the right team members. We’ll get clear on who you are and how you relate to today’s customer. Better organization and engagement throughout the entire company gives your employees stability and confidence. Improving systems for transparency and accountability results in fulfilled employees and happier customers. 

Satisfied People

Our values-based approach is designed to stabilize your business and set it up for growth.

After 20 years of corporate experience working for specialty retailers and global lifestyle brands such as Neiman Marcus, Ralph Lauren, and Bally, I decided to put my deep understanding and knowledge of corporate processes, global marketing, and end-to-end product development into consulting. 

When a company’s growth has stalled, I offer a new set of eyes on the issues. I see the potential of a company and can quickly identify high-impact opportunities for increased profits. As an insider in the fashion industry, I’m able to advise brands on growth-oriented strategies, omnichannel product marketing, and sustainable business practices.

After working with me, my clients have a fresh business strategy, a more efficient and organized structure, and clear goals going forward.  

Founder & CEO, McCall Brand Advisors

Carolyn McCall

"Thank you so much for everything you always do for us and for your keen focus on continuously growing our Ferragamo business. I so enjoyed visiting with you and I so much appreciate your care for your work."

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