We help businesses identify and implement strategies for stability, brand alignment, and future growth.

We understand!

Your business growth has dramatically slowed or stopped altogether.

You’re experiencing supply chain issues and don’t know how to adjust to meet current demands.

You need support to add new product categories but aren't sure where to start.

You're lacking brand recognition because you're not reaching your target customer.

Does this keep you up at night?

Satisfied People. Better Products. Improved Performance.

My time working in global markets taught me that having an efficient, organized structure is key to sustaining and growing a brand. If you’re not seeing the growth you want, you may be overlooking trouble spots, inefficiencies, or potential issues simply because you’re too close to them. 

That’s where I come in. 

As an outside observer, I can see the potential in a brand and spot opportunities for improvement. I’ll get to know you, your team members and your company at a deep level, assessing everything from design, merchandising and production to global distribution channels, and brand marketing. Together, we’ll create actionable, growth strategies to bring your business back in line with your values and goals, while setting it up for the future. 

After working with me, you’ll have new perspectives and strategies for your brand, giving you a renewed sense of purpose and confidence. Knowing that you’ve fully optimized your company for growth and sustainability gives you peace of mind and an improved, exciting path forward—for you, your employees, your vendors, and your customers.

I've always been a troubleshooter.

Why I started McCall Brand Advisors

Working in highly competitive global markets with fashion brands, Carolyn saw how small, easily fixable issues could derail a company’s growth. She watched inconsistent branding across revenue channels, insensitivity to cultural needs, and bad messaging failing to attract and convert customers. And her love of our Planet Earth always drove her insights to how the lack of sustainable practices not only led to wasted time, money, and materials, but put our environment at great risk.  

Her favorite part of her work is seeing a company embrace its full potential and succeed. She loves getting to know the people behind the brands, seeing the excitement and pleasure in their work coming back to them. And she really loves the people and the process. Finding the places to improve and streamline, seeing the overlooked answers, and creating a better environment are all very satisfying. Building a business is like crafting a shoe; you need a solid foundation, a knowledge of structure, and a bit of flair. 

Founder and CEO

Get to know Carolyn

Honesty, integrity, transparency and respect will always guide our decisions.

We believe that sustainability must be at the forefront of our company and yours. Sourcing, production, packaging as well as developing a circular economy are all critical. 

We're committed to a customer-first approach. The foundation of everything we do is to serve the customer and provide them with an outstanding product and experience.

Our Values

Obsessed with Tennis! Both as a player and a fan. 

Relentless passion for our Planet Earth...traveling, and preserving it. 

We love our animals, who always keep the team smiling and sane.

Fun Facts

Are you ready to feel excited and confident about your brand again? Together we can make it happen!

We want to see your business reach its full potential.